FidFid Logo


FidFid is a unique digital loyalty program with multiple stores; available on mobile via the application of the same name.


FidFid and I collaborated on a series of design for loyalty cards as part of the launch of their application. Several objectives to achieve as part of this collaboration and design:

To arouse curiosity of potential memmbers with an eye-catching, original and impacting design.
Produce cards that are easy to recognize and identify in a wallet.
Differentiate FidFid favorably from other existing loyalty programs.


Concept work and visual charter
Conceptualization and declensions of the design of the set of cards
Realization of POS tools and promotion: display, leaflet, card doors.

To cultivate one's singularity, to invent, never to copy, to create one's own codes, to change the rules of the game, to surprise while remaining oneself daring, like nothing.